French romantic luxury jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry

The introduction of each luxury jewelry will make a lot of women crazy. Because the luxury jewelry is very attractive, almost tailor-made for the girls, and the originator of luxury jewelry in France, France is a romantic capital, has a lot of luxury brands, is the world’s most The fashionable city is also a romantic capital.
French jeweler Cartier has just launched a new season of high jewelry – Replica Cartier Jewelry, inspired by flowers, butterflies, marine life and other elements, with pearls and colored stones with the creation of natural style jewelry works.
The designer skilled use of different colors, the shape of the pearl ─ ─ flower-shaped jewelry, pink inlaid cherry blossoms next to the “conch” flower bud; diamonds out of the camellia petals hold up a “Baroque pearl” flower; Stone and garnet berries surrounded by a “golden beads” fruit; the most special one pendant clever use of “Baroque pearl” constitute a unique flower basket shape.
Ocean inspired works through a unique hollow structure of the structure, to create a three-dimensional submarine space – coral-shaped pendants, staggered corals between the cruise of the white oriole mosaic of fish; wave theme necklace, the waves dotted with Pearl bubbles and diamond fish, pillow-shaped aquamarine stone symbolizes the ocean blue.
The most noteworthy of the new work is the two butterfly theme works – brooch using the Replica Cartier Jewelry craft and “diamond mosaic” to create a different texture of the butterfly wings; necklace made by the diamond butterfly wing, with pearl beads Constitute a gorgeous and repeated structure, the necklace of a blue tourmaline as a pool of clear lake, elegant and refined temperament.
Necklace inlaid with a pillow-shaped cut blue-green tourmaline, surrounded by small pieces of diamonds, sapphires, emerald, tourmaline, tanzan stone, stone, amethyst, necklace part of the Japanese Akoya pearl string into.

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