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Replica Cartier Jewelry

This brooch from the Replica Cartier Jewelry launched in 2016 “Emeraude en Majesté” high jewelry series, the most unique is inlaid with 16 uncut emerald rough, retaining the natural growth of hexagonal column shape, showing the original and Rustic style.
Designers in accordance with the direction of natural growth of emerald, the 16 emeralds vertical arrangement, as slowly dripping rain silk, different sizes and proportions of the crystal to create a rich visual effects. Emerald by the round and long-stepped diamond to convergence, set off the emerald natural bright green, but also highlights the pure emerald crystal without carving.
The 16 emeralds are all from Zambia with a total weight of 11.26ct. Each emerald crystal face can be seen on the natural vertical lines, the cross-section is polished to a slightly sloping slope, so that four platinum inlay claw more emerald inlaid.

French jewelry exhibition

Replica Cartier Jewelry

The museum of Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Florida, USA, is holding an antique jewelery show called “Bijoux Parisiens” featuring 50 pieces of French antique jewelery from the 17th to the 20th century. You can see Van Cleef & Arpels, Replica Cartier Jewelry, Georges Fouquet and other important French jeweler and designer works.
This collection of exhibits is from Petit Palais collection, dating back 300 years of French jewelry design style changes – from gorgeous “Baroque” to Napoleonic era “neoclassical” to modern aesthetic “Art Deco style Jewelry itself also symbolizes the right, personal decorations gradually transformed into artistic aesthetic expression.
After the 1920s, “Art Deco” has gradually become the mainstream of French jewelry design, designers keen geometric style jewelry works. In this exhibition, you can see a 1945 Van Cleef & Arpels brooch with Cross of Lorraine and V-shaped symbol of victory at the center of the brooch. It is surrounded by leaves of bay leaf in commemoration of the French made during the Second World War Sacrifice.
Eighteenth-century French jewelery centers on royals and aristocrats, hires jewelers for craftsmanship and exudes elaborate decorative patterns on gemstones. For example, a 1760 silver corsage symmetrical design, inlaid crystal and tourmaline winding flower vine shape, forming a shiny effect.
By the early 19th century, the French jewels incorporated Napoleon’s respected ancient Greek and Roman civilizations into the new rule

Replica Cartier Jewelry Online Sale

Replica Cartier Jewelry

Cartier has just launched a new series of jewelry – “Lucky Animals”, composed of nine animal theme brooch. Designers used portraits to describe the animals, such as squirrels, hedgehogs, lions, hummingbirds, owls and other animal gestures, the continuation of the 1950s brand first animal theme series “La Boutique” lovely style.
The most unique feature of the new series is to shape the animal gestures – the designer clever use of mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, malachite, tiger eyes stone, red coral and other semi-precious stones natural texture and texture, by hand cutting Constitute the animal body, wings, tail and other different forms; eyes and nose by the arc cut onyx mosaic, with a smart look.
The outline of the animal’s shape is outlined by the gold and rose gold, especially the use of Replica Cartier Jewelry iconic Round Bead Setting Technique, hand-made gold beads as the edge of the gem decoration. The tail of the bird, the lion’s mane, the hedgehog spikes are also made of gold beads, making the animal’s posture more lively.

Replica Cartier Diamonds Ring

Replica Cartier Ring

“Show the gem of its own beautiful side”, is the purpose of Replica Cartier Jewelry. Ruby, Colombian emerald, as well as the world unparalleled 63.66 karats of white diamond, pink, blue and green diamonds and other precious stones, Cartier for the rigorous selection of rare materials, giving unlimited extension of the creative wing, shuttle in reality and dreams between.
Before the idea of ​​jewelry design, creative team designers will be in the world to find the top gems, pick out the most sensible to design. The most representative of the designer to explore the relationship between precious stones and precious stones, than the use of Replica Cartier Ring, known as the “stone on the stone” design. Exaggerated, highlight the personality of the large gem is popular in the seventies of last century social occasions, the characteristics of Replica Cartier Ring, Replica Cartier Jewelry in the new work, crystal clear crystal covered in the center of the ruby, like a drop of fragrance Dripping for the crystal given the vitality, and the red light in the surrounding section of the refraction is particularly dazzling. In addition to the use of materials in a variety of semi-precious stones, precious stones with a different texture, crystal and aquamarine close to the combination of color so blue more soft and clarity, and amethyst and brown diamonds are brought new colors, more modern sense.
The naturalism of the popular style of the thirties of the last century for the Cartier left countless master of nature-related, when the flowers in full bloom became a major trend, and lily of the soft beauty of the rich personality of the flowers have become a Cartier Continuation of one of the design symbols so far. In the “King of Gems” diamonds to build, its petite and tall and straight posture is used to be used around the necklace, Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, brooch, Replica Cartier Ring main stone important embellishment. Interestingly, the designer is not simply to the level of scattered mosaic way to copy their flowers, but also with diamonds inlaid out of the chrysanthemum lines of the small plane, spliced ​​into a necklace pendant and were to emphasize the three rubies, more New ideas.

Christmas Essentials – Replica Cartier Jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry

Christmas is coming in 2017. Christmas is the most important festival in the West. Many girls will buy their own new clothes and jewelry to meet this holiday. But in the choice of jewelry is also very knowledgeable. Today I will give you a very suitable for Christmas wear jewelry.
I believe most people know Replica Cartier Jewelry this brand. This is a famous French jewelry brand, with a hundred years of history. To the elegant craft has been a lot of people recognized. In the United States, Replica Cartier Jewelry also has a lot of fans.
And Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Replica Cartier Jewelry is the most representative of a bracelet. This bracelet is very famous in the world. With the reputation of the emperor of jewelry, this bracelet uses the elements of the screw design into this bracelet, elegant and generous shape, and can wear in a variety of occasions, is a symbol of identity and temperament. He is different from the luxury of Bvlgari, and the sweetness of Van Cleef & Arpels. This is a very suitable for mature women wearing bracelets. In the United States there are very many young fashion stars are very fond of wearing this bracelet.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet box has a unique festive atmosphere. Using a large red box, very suitable for festive gifts, if you are worrying about the Christmas gifts, then it will be a good choice.

French romantic luxury jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry

The introduction of each luxury jewelry will make a lot of women crazy. Because the luxury jewelry is very attractive, almost tailor-made for the girls, and the originator of luxury jewelry in France, France is a romantic capital, has a lot of luxury brands, is the world’s most The fashionable city is also a romantic capital.
French jeweler Cartier has just launched a new season of high jewelry – Replica Cartier Jewelry, inspired by flowers, butterflies, marine life and other elements, with pearls and colored stones with the creation of natural style jewelry works.
The designer skilled use of different colors, the shape of the pearl ─ ─ flower-shaped jewelry, pink inlaid cherry blossoms next to the “conch” flower bud; diamonds out of the camellia petals hold up a “Baroque pearl” flower; Stone and garnet berries surrounded by a “golden beads” fruit; the most special one pendant clever use of “Baroque pearl” constitute a unique flower basket shape.
Ocean inspired works through a unique hollow structure of the structure, to create a three-dimensional submarine space – coral-shaped pendants, staggered corals between the cruise of the white oriole mosaic of fish; wave theme necklace, the waves dotted with Pearl bubbles and diamond fish, pillow-shaped aquamarine stone symbolizes the ocean blue.
The most noteworthy of the new work is the two butterfly theme works – brooch using the Replica Cartier Jewelry craft and “diamond mosaic” to create a different texture of the butterfly wings; necklace made by the diamond butterfly wing, with pearl beads Constitute a gorgeous and repeated structure, the necklace of a blue tourmaline as a pool of clear lake, elegant and refined temperament.
Necklace inlaid with a pillow-shaped cut blue-green tourmaline, surrounded by small pieces of diamonds, sapphires, emerald, tourmaline, tanzan stone, stone, amethyst, necklace part of the Japanese Akoya pearl string into.